Episode 96. Solve Your Dinner Dilemma

You’ll discover:

  • The story behind this episode
  • What is the recurring dinner dilemma
  • 3 essential resources to solve your dinner dilemma
  • Bonus Tip

If you struggle with the mental load of choosing meals and knowing what to grocery shop and staying healthy then I have the perfect thing for you!

To help you solve your dinner dilemma I’m running a challenge for everyone in Simple Meal Plans.

The ‘FREE THE MENTAL LOAD’ challenge will walk you though step-by-step (with a checklist) how to get these essential resources in place so you aren’t scrambling around at 4pm trying to figure out whats for dinner.

The challenge will be available from January 3rd to all Simple Meal Plans members.

To get in on the fun join Simple Meal Plans today.

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